New Year = New Marketing Plan

Start the year off right by beginning 2013 marketing plans before 2012 is over.

Start 2013 Marketing Plans Today

Below are ten steps to get the ball rolling on setting 2013 marketing goals:

  1. Set a budget
  2. Evaluate 2012 successes & failures
  3. Conduct a website audit
  4. Event planning – set dates now while there is still plenty availability
  5. Review 2012 marketing stats (website, emails, and any other)
  6. Ask “Is our brand/image consistently portrayed?”(branding blog)
  7. Confirm using all possible marketing platforms available
  8. Brainstorm on new marketing ideas to implement in 2013
  9. Catch up on marketing campaigns others in the industry conducted
  10. Finally, review all information from steps 1-9 and begin setting 2013 marketing goals

Need help getting started? Contact us today to set up a marketing consultation where we review a company’s marketing efforts and help plan 2013 marketing strategies to get the best ROI for the upcoming year. Email us at

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