Event Promotion Musts

The event is planned out, the date is set, and the venue is booked. Now it is time to promote the event. Event promotion is the next step that can make or break the event.

Before beginning event promotion it is imperative to set up an event webpage. This page needs to have the full event details as well as an easy registration form. If it is a paid event it needs to have a way to pay (like PayPal) or notify people they will pay at the door or be invoiced.

Advertising for an event must start a minimum of four weeks in advance. Printed materials, such as newspapers, need this much advanced notice.  Start with writing a press release for the event. A press release can be sent to all media outlets: radio, television stations and printed press.

Create an event on social media sites. Invite all friends and work associates, then encourage them to send it to their friends. Promote the event periodically until the date of the event. Simply creating the event on social media will not get it noticed by as many people as desired. Secondly, post the event on the calendars of local newspapers and special events websites. Yes Weekly, Relish and Smitty’s Notes are NC Triad based event sites. This is normally a free service but can be upgraded if desired.

Do not forget that classic marketing techniques are still effective approaches to promotion: flyers and word-of-mouth. Be creative with the flyer design and make sure all important information is included. Add the link or QR code to the flyer that will lead to the event website and social media event page. It needs to answer what, where, when, cost and most importantly why to attend! Place these flyers any where the targeted audience would frequent. Do not only post them at the event venue. Additionally, before hanging the flyer ask the owner/manager if it is alight to do so. Word-of-mouth is still a powerful mode of promotion. If a trust-worthy person mentions the event to another, there is a greater chance that person will attend. Even if they can not make the event, they are more likely to mention it to another person and so on.

Using all modes of event promotion will better the chances of a high attendance.

For more information on event promotion contact Across the Horizons at contact@acrossthehorizons.com.

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