Marketing Stats Shouldn’t be Ignored

A business can conduct all the marketing they want but without marketing statistics and reporting there is no way to know how effective that marketing is. There are numerous ways to track marketing efforts and below are the top ones we recommend.

Google Analytics

This program provides valuable data on a company’s website. Some of this data includes number of visits, page views, demographics of website viewers (for instance location), traffic sources, what browsers and operating systems viewers have and keywords searched with (what words people searched on Google to get to the website). All of this data can help a company optimize their website so it not only works best for current viewers but is found on search engines to gain new viewers.

Facebook Insights

Track how well a Facebook Page is doing by taking advantage of Facebook Insights. Once logged into a Facebook page – at the top is the Admin Panel where access to the Facebook Insights is available (see below example). These insights show data on not just the page itself but each individual post. This data is great to see what posts work best and have the highest reach.

Constant Contact

In addition to offering services like e-mail marketing and social campaigns, each of these services has excellent reporting options. For email marketing it shows the amount of bounces, clicks, opens, forwards and opt outs. Best of all it gives comparisons to the company’s industry averages of clicks and opens. For social campaigns it gives data on the number of new likes, shares and email subscribers.


This app is free, but also has paid options for additional features. BringShare combines all the above statistics and reporting among many other statistics and marketing platforms. It is still a good idea to use each of the above stats and reporting as each has additional options, but BringShare shows everything in one place to give a clear and concise image of all marketing efforts.

Across the Horizons can help companies depict the best way to report their marketing efforts in an easy to read manner that shows how these efforts affect the bottom line. Contact us for prices and more information on our marketing statistics and reporting services.

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