Gain Facebook Fans By Launching A Social Campaign

Have a Facebook page but not many followers? A great way to get more page ‘likes’ is by launching a social campaign. A social campaign involves offering people something for liking your page, such as a download (like a guide or tips), coupon/discount, or inside information (like first notice on a special VIP event).

There are two components of a social campaign – a landing page and a reveal page. The landing page is the Facebook page that viewers will go to in order to like a Facebook page. Once they like the Facebook page then the reveal page will show where they can get the download, discount or offer.

Constant Contact offers social campaigns for reasonable prices, in fact the first one is free and until a page gets 50 likes all campaigns are free.

For an example of a social campaign check out our current one by liking our Facebook Page and downloading our “Five Items Every Company Needs To Incorporate In Their Marketing Plan” for free.

At Across the Horizons we can help build social campaigns to increase a Facebook page’s following. Contact us today to learn more about our social media services at

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