“Must have” components for any website

With today’s high tech world almost every business knows it’s a necessity to have a website, but what should go on that website? Below are some of the basic components that are a “must” for an organization to have on their website.

Web pages:

  • Home Page
    • Clean and crisp page with basic information on the company and services – do not over do it with an abundance of information and text on this page
    • Easy to use navigation that has links to main pages
    • Search website tool
  • About Us Page
    • Include company facts and history
    • Bios, credentials and photos of employees
  • Contact Us Page
    • If there is a physical office/store then use a Google or Bing map to portray exact location and makes it easy for clients to quickly get directions
    • Have a direct email address listed as well as an online form so people have two options for contacting
    • List the main phone number and if possible, list a person’s name as people like to directly ask for someone specific
  • Services and/or Products Page
    • Detailed descriptions of services/products
    • Photos of products and if possible of services
  • Additional pages that are good to have: News, Archived Newsletters/Emails, Events/Workshops, Promotions, Examples/Case Studies, Testimonials

Networking & Social Media Links: (Best if in the footer or sidebar on most pages)

  • Blog feed & link to main blog page
  • Major social media direct links to company’s pages/profiles
  • Join my mailing list link/sign up form

Contact us to learn more about setting up or revamping websites at contact@acrossthehorizons.com

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