Pinterest what?

It is hard to ignore the fastest growing website in history. Pinterest is a social network pin board style site.  It allows users to share posts of photos, videos, and create collections of a multitude of interests. These postings are called “pins” and each pin is linked to a website where the “pinner” can learn more about that particular interest. If a user wants they can “repin” posts onto their personal page/boards and then categorize it in a personalized theme based album. Examples of albums are business products, events, interests and hobbies.

The best part of Pinterest is that it can help a business grow. Here are a few enticing reasons a company should join Pinterest.

  1. A business depends on driving a high-volume of website traffic to increase sales. Statistics of many other large name companies show a larger numbers in traffic through Pinterest over Facebook, Google+, Youtube, and LinkedIn combined.
  2. Using the “pin it” button on web pages, will allow pins to include a link back to the website. This will let pinners directly view content on your website.
  3. By pinning and having pins repined the reach goes far beyond a company’s followers. This link shows a visual on how many people one pin can reach.
  4. Pinterest is connected to Twitter, Facebook and email. This strengthens the number of viewers and the customer’s ability to share information with others.
  5. Large name brands and companies are taking advantage of this free site and seeing results. Why shouldn’t your organization? These brands/companies include (but not limited to): General Electric, Nordstrom, Whole Foods, Etsy, and Michaels’.

For more information on how to set up a great Pinterest page contact Across the Horizons at Visit our Pinterest Page for some examples – see image below of our page and boards.

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