6 Tips to Make Social Media Management Quick and Painless

Social media marketing is a must for all businesses but the next step is figuring out how to manage and keep up with all the social media outlets. With all the social media platforms and options available for each it can be overwhelming and time consuming if not done correctly. Below are 6 tips to help make managing social media easier for organizations.

  1. Just sign up for the major ones: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and You Tube (if videos are available to upload)
  2. Post at least once a week on each outlet but try to not post more than 3 times a day on each social media platform.
  3. Use organizers that make it easier and quicker to make posts. For example, HootSuite for Twitter.
  4. Take advantage of Facebook Pages relatively new feature of being able to schedule posts (see image below). This is great for those out of office days!
  5. Set a social media marketing plan with a specific goal in mind for each social media platform as each has a different target audience/reach.
  6. Keep a log of social media posts. This will make it easy to see what’s been posted before so posts do not get repeated too often.

For organizations that are not on social media read the top five reasons why to join social media. Contact us for more information and pricing on our social media services.

Visit our social media pages and follow us today… we often put tips on our Facebook page for fellow Facebook Page users! To get even more marketing tips on social media join our mailing list.

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