Behind the scenes at Across the Horizons

The inside scoop on Across the Horizons and the women who run the company

Across the Horizons’ mission is to help companies maximize their communication, public relations & marketing efforts in order to help boost their client base and increase the range of perception on their company’s image and message. Across the Horizons is owned and run by sisters Suzy Fielders and Sandy Harper.

The combination of Suzy and Sandy’s education and experiences allows the company to be able to offer a wide range of marketing, communication and public relations services. Click here to see all the services available.

Across the Horizons has worked with numerous small business owner’s in a variety of industries, including leadership consultation, entertainment, building, education, non-profit and many more.

Owners of Across the Horizons

Suzy Fielders, President

Suzy’s areas of expertise are copywriting, social media campaigns, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), photo retouching, Pay-Per-Click advertising and event planning.

Suzy has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications & Psychology from Coker College and a Master of Arts in Communication Studies from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Sandy Harper, Vice President

Sandy’s strengths in marketing and communications are public relations, copywriting, social media, fund raising, advertising, and photography. Her passion for working toward developing local companies’ place within the community leads to make happy and loyal clients.

Sandy has a degree in Business Administration/International Business. She has proceeded to strengthen her education by taking continuing education classes in Communications on Creative Writing and Magazine Writing.

Read Suzy and Sandy’s full bios.

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